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The ‘radical’ religion that ‘turned every father into a CULT leader’: FEMAIL lays bare the horrifying underbelly of the Duggars’ church – which preached that Cabbage Patch dolls were SATANIC and urged members to ‘beat’ children who ‘disobeyed’ the rules

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The Duggar family's meteoric rise to fame and sordid fall from grace have turned the Arkansas brood into one of the world's most famous reality TV dynasties - while also shedding light on their little-known 'radical' religion. While many watched…[Continue Reading...]

Illinois releases Catholic clergy child sexual abuse findings, some of which extend to Minnesota

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The findings of a massive investigation by the State of Illinois details sexual assaults of almost 2,000 children by hundreds of Catholic clergy members over a 70-year period, with some of the case links to Minnesota. Investigators say they found…[Continue Reading...]

The Australian cult that fed children LSD: Guy Pearce on the ‘disturbing’ true story behind The Clearing

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As soon as he put down the script, Jeffrey Walker knew he wanted to work on the Disney+ series The Clearing. “It was one of those reads that you just couldn’t stop thinking about,” the show’s co-director says. “It affected…[Continue Reading...]

Children forced to starve in hot sun as part of doomsday cult mass suicide: reports

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A Christian doomsday cult in Kenya targeted children to die first in its final days, starving them to death before the adults followed through with the same plan. Police are investigating what appeared to be a mass suicide in the…[Continue Reading...]

‘I was sexually abused aged 12… the church hushed it up so I didn’t bring shame on my family. They can’t silence me any longer’: WAG Rebekah Vardy reveals the trauma of growing up a Jehovah’s Witness – and why she brands it a ‘dangerous cult’

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In Rebekah Vardy's childhood home there were no birthdays or Christmases, television and books were censored and she was warned that youthful mischief or bad manners would bring down the wrath of God on her. As a Jehovah's Witness, she…[Continue Reading...]

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