“Stress and fear kept me on my guard”: the disturbing memories of journalist Brigitte McCann who infiltrated Raël’s sect for 9 months in 2003

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Why did you agree to participate in the Netflix documentary? “A lot because the production house, which is well known in France, convinced me of the seriousness of their approach. We wanted to tell the history of the movement.”

Were there any moments when you were afraid? “One evening, I found myself two meters from a person who knew me as a journalist. I panicked. My car was far away and leaving would have been very suspicious. I thought: maybe it’s time to stop? Chantal [Poirier, la photographe du Journal de Montréal qui a infiltré le mouvement avec elle] went to talk to him and he was leaving after the party. At that time, when Raël returned somewhere, he was surrounded by armed bodyguards. He already had an aura of paranoia. There was also a lot of denigration against the media.

One thing Rael said that you’ll never forget? “He was on stage and said: I can’t prove that what I say is true, but you can’t prove that what I say is false. That’s the premise of everything he does.”

Content retrieved from: https://actualnewsmagazine.com/english/stress-and-fear-kept-me-on-my-guard-the-disturbing-memories-of-journalist-brigitte-mccann-who-infiltrated-raels-sect-for-9-months-in-2003/.

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