End of an Era: Notorious Cult Leader 2Baba’s Reign of Terror Concludes in Rivers State

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In the quiet of the afternoon, a significant operation unfolded in Idu-Ekpeye, Ahoada East local government area of Rivers State, marking the end of a reign of terror that had long haunted the local communities. The target of this high-stakes police raid was none other than Gift Okpara, infamously known as 2Baba, the suspected mastermind behind the brutal murder of a former Divisional Police Officer, SP Bako Angbashim. The operation, led by the relentless efforts of the Rivers State Police, has reportedly concluded with the death of 2Baba, sending waves of jubilation across the communities previously under the shadow of his feared Iceland cult.

The operation on Saturday was not just another attempt by the police to clamp down on criminal activities; it was a meticulously planned endeavor to capture one of the most notorious figures in the region’s criminal underworld. 2Baba, who had managed to evade capture on numerous occasions, was finally cornered in what would become his last stand. According to eyewitnesses, the raid turned into a fierce gun battle, with 2Baba and some of his loyalists being hit multiple times. The operation did not just signify the potential end of 2Baba but also marked a significant victory for law enforcement in their ongoing battle against cultism and violent crime in Rivers State.

Gift Okpara, or 2Baba as he was widely known, was not just any criminal. He was the prime suspect in the cold-blooded murder of Superintendent Bako Angbashim, an act that shook the very foundations of the local law enforcement community and highlighted the growing audacity of cult groups in the region. 2Baba’s reign of terror included not just the murder of the former Divisional Police Officer but also numerous other acts of violence and intimidation. His leadership of the Iceland cult had turned him into a figure of considerable influence and fear, making his eventual downfall a source of relief and celebration among the citizens he once terrorized.

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