Shamanic cult leaders arrested for sexual abuse of members

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Police in Spain have arrested three people accused of running a shamanic sect that recruited vulnerable young people, some of whom were later abused sexually during drug-fuelled sessions of supposed group psychotherapy.

Around 100 people are said by the Spanish authorities to have fallen victim to the so-called Soul Family organisation, each paying more than 10,000 euros to become members and subjected to “psychological control techniques” to prevent them from leaving.

The three people arrested in the village of Pobla Tornesa, eastern Spain, are described as forming the leadership of the sect, led by a woman who acted as the chief psychotherapist and who was referred to by her followers as “Mistress”.

The Guardia Civil police force said the leader’s husband was one of the other two individuals detained during the raid on the villa where the “family” gathered for meetings and rituals.

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