Rock Documentary Meets Scientology Cult Horrow Show w/ “Brothers Broken” Documentary

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A hero’s journey tracing two brothers who started the one-hit wonder ’60s band PEOPLE!, the new full-length documentary, Brothers Broken, spotlights how two boomers compromised their acclaimed music careers to join Scientology, which in turn nearly destroyed their lives. Rock ‘n’ roll brothers Geoff Levin and Robbie Levin suffered almost 50 years of Scientology trauma. Geoff shunned his brother for 28 years because Robbie left scientology.

Brothers Broken chronicles the devastating effects the cult had on their band, their personal lives and their families. The film is a heartwarming yet shocking saga featuring their rise to fame with PEOPLE!’s hit 1968 single “I Love You” (Capitol Records), then decades of brainwashing, and ultimate redemption. Brothers Broken is set for its “U.S. Premiere” at Cinequest Film Festival (LINK) on Sunday, August 20 (Hammer Theatre Center) and Saturday, August 26 (Mt. View ShowPlace ICON Theatre & Kitchen) in San Jose and Mountain View, California.




“It’s harder to get out of prison than to leave Scientology.” – Mike Rinder

The story starts by bringing us into the cult mentality and then follows the chronological journey of the brothers’ childhood in the ’50s in San Jose, Calif. and landing them in the middle of the ’60s Bay Area music revolution. Geoff and Robbie Levin led a charmed life growing up with then-unknown musicians Jerry Garcia, Janice Joplin, Paul Kantner, Jorma Kaukonen, and Grace Slick. In 1968, when the brothers joined Scientology, the magic stopped and the strange cultish odyssey began. In 1984, Geoff shunned his brother Robbie because he left the cult. This separation lasted for 28 years.

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