The Adrenochrome Conspiracy Theory Explained

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The adrenochrome conspiracy, a bizarre theory with antisemitic roots, posits that Satan-worshipping global and Hollywood elites run a massive child trafficking ring to drain their blood and harvest the chemical adrenochrome to stay young, and has been embraced by subscribers of the QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy movements, including key people affiliated with the recent hit movie The Sound of Freedom.

The baseless adrenochrome theory has been debunked numerous times by media outlets and scientific communities, who have noted the chemical, produced by oxidizing adrenaline, has no rejuvenating effects.

The theory is promoted by followers of QAnon, the conspiracy movement that promotes the false idea that Satanic Hollywood stars and political elites run the world and have organized a child sex trafficking ring.

QAnon adherents have alleged top Democrats like the Clintons and Obamas, celebrities like Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey, and billionaires like George Soros, are among the elites behind the conspiracy.

The adrenochrome theory has developed on social media over the past decade but spiked in 2020, primarily because of the Covid-19 lockdown in which celebrities posted pictures and videos of themselves from home, not looking glammed up as usual, leading conspiracy theorists to allege these celebrities were suffering from “adrenochrome withdrawals.”

The adrenochrome theory has roots in centuries-old antisemitic tropes, namely blood libel, the myth that Jews use the blood of Christian and non-Jewish children in rituals, which has historically been used as justification to imprison and torture Jews and was an element of Nazi propaganda.

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