Qanon Cult Queen Comes To Town And Residents Use Vehicles To Fight Back

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It’s been a while since we’ve touched based with the Qanon “Queen of Canada” Romana Didulo and her RV full of merry scamsters. Last we heard she was trashing rented RVs and abandoning them miles from home. Now she’s reemerged, causing one small town in Canada traumatized by a hurricane to come together and send her packing.

If you don’t know who Romana Didulo is, stop reading now and preserve your innocence. If you’re still with me, Didulo claims she is the actual, sovereign “Queen of Canada,” appointed by the “white hats” in the American government. She uses a heady mixture of Qanon bullshit, sovereign citizen bullshit and even a little dash of the bullshit of 19th Century occultist Helena Blavatsky. Didulo convinces followers that the current government of Canada is illegitimate to the point that they can stop paying their electricity bills and mortgages. She even tried to have her followers arrest some cops (which went about as well as you’d expect) and called for the on-sight execution of healthcare workers providing COVID-19 vaccines.

This is the lady so blisteringly irritating and in her own little world that the Freedom Convoy truckers who took over downtown Ottawa for three weeks (no slouches in the conspiracy game) actually kicked her out over burning a Canadian flag. After that, she began to aimlessly wander Canada, mainly heading east in a convoy of RVs. She mainly focuses on the regular grift of a cult leader these days; forcing her followers to work endlessly for her, live in inhuman conditions, and stay so tired and broke that they can’t think of anything except doing her bidding.

Luckily, Vice is still allowing one reporter, Mack Lamoureux, to abuse his mental health in order to keep track of this unhinged road warrior turned full-blown cult leader. He tracked her down to a tourist village located near some of the most beautiful places in eastern Canada—Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia—to see what Didulo has been up to over the winter. One story Lamoureux tracked down was the story of how Didulo was chased out of a town three hours north of Tatamagouche by a persistent truck driver and his community.

It all started when Didulo arrived in Cape Breton in order to “prove” Hurricane Fiona hadn’t actually devastated an entire community:

Despite the obvious devastation, Didulo arrived in Cape Breton on a mission to “prove” the hurricane wasn’t real and that local news and the government were misleading the people. Her journey took her to Glace Bay, a town on the northernmost tip of the island that was smashed by Fiona. Many of the homes were severely damaged, some quite literally having their roofs torn off by the 105 miles per hour winds.

It was an area still reeling from the pain, with pent up emotion she would soon try to take advantage of—and then feel the consequences from.

Didulo pulled into the hurricane-ravaged town planning to convince people that the hurricane was fake, but she soon found a new mark, a man she found sitting on the stoop outside a dilapidated building with his head quite literally in his hands. The man, who neighbors told me suffered from mental health issues, was set upon by Didulo and her followers, who halted their RV, got out, put him on camera and used him to fundraise.

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