Netflix Show ‘In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal’ Exposes Cults Thriving In South Korea

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(REVIEW) “In The Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” is a riveting Netflix docuseries revisiting some of South Korea’s most prominent cult leaders.

The eight-episode series covered Jesus Morning Star, Five Oceans, The Baby Garden, and the God of Manmim cults. Comedian Esther Ku spoke with about how the series unearthed an ecosystem of cults in Korea.

In an article from allkpop, Jo Sung Hyun, the creator of the series, became passionate about the topic because some of his family members were victims of pseudo-religion. He believed that this story was a part of his story as well.

“I wanted many people to know and recognize these incidents and religions to raise a social topic and awareness,” Hyun said. “I’m glad that these things are happening and that social change seems to be happening.”

The first three episodes show us the rise of evangelism from Jesus Morning Star leader Jeong Myeong-Seok and, ultimately, his dissent into a sexual assault against the women in his congregation. The series gives us all the details, no matter how disturbing. The first episode starts with a recording of Myeong-Seok complimenting a woman on her wide hips and asking her if she orgasmed during her assault by him.

Myeong-Seok assaulted the women under the guise of “health check-ups.” Some women believed that he had healed other women from health issues. In the documentary, a previous member recalled being examined by Meyong-Seok. He touched her inappropriately and said, “The Lord is examining you.” After the assault, he told her she was God’s bride now, and if she betrayed him, she would go to hell.

Myeong-Seok deified himself, referring to himself as the Messiah. Many of his followers believed he read the Bible 2,000 times.

Amy, an Australian member of Jesus Morning Star, was assaulted by Myeong-Seok as well, but at the time of her assault, she believed it was a godly encounter.

“I could barely sleep at night thinking about the event, but I think I know why he did it,” said Amy, as she recalled just how brainwashed she had become as a member of Jesus Morning Star. “He was cleaning me, forgiving me and making me his. I thought about how Jesus did strange things when he made miracles.”

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