Inside Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc, the alleged doomsday cult under investigation in the Philippines

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When Jey Rence Quilario was just 17 years old, he managed to convince the members of his small Filipino village that he was their only saviour.

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in 2019, villagers say the charismatic young man warned survivors that a wave of aftershocks and tsunamis would send them all to hell — unless they followed him to paradise.

Dozens followed Quilario, also known as Senior Agila, into the mountains to start a new life, with many selling their homes in Sitio Kapihan.

Those who did so were allegedly encouraged to give 40 per cent of their salaries, government benefits, and profits from property sales directly to the newly established Socorro Bayanihan Services Inc (SBSI).

For years, little was known about the secretive mountain community.

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