Tom Cruise’s Dramatic Outing Shows Exactly Where He Stands With Scientology

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Within recent months, many have wondered if Tom Cruise is still the golden boy of Scientology, especially after sources claimed he stopped visiting the UK Scientology headquarters in person for three years. Some even alleged that he may have given up the controversial Church to form a bond with his reportedly estranged daughter Suri Cruise. However, he was pictured doing something that proves exactly where he stands with Scientology.

Despite rumors of possibly leaving the Church, and many fans wishing he would, the Mission Impossible star is still very much embroiled in it all. In photos obtained by DailyMail, Cruise was seen entering the Church of Scientology Continental Liaison Office & Commodore’s Messenger Organisation in Sussex in a helicopter (always gotta keep the daredevil vibes up).

Not only that, but he was seen entering the Church HQ with a slew of protesters below him, holding signs that read things like “When was the last time you saw your family? They love you and so do we.”

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