Scientology Leader Files Motion to Quash Summons in Leah Remini Suit

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Attorneys for the leader of the Church of Scientology have filed court papers asking a judge to quash summons of their client in Leah Remini’s civil harassment/defamation complaint, maintaining that their client was not properly served with the court papers by a process server.

Remini’s original suit was brought Aug. 2 in Los Angeles Superior Court and included allegations of civil harassment, stalking, intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation. Scientology leader David Miscavige is a co-defendant with the church and its Religious Technology Center in both the first suit and in an updated complaint filed Aug. 29.

But in court papers filed Wednesday with Judge Randolph M. Hammock, Miscavige’s lawyers contend that the “substitute service” Remini’s attorneys assert was proper does not meet the legal test because neither of the two Scientology-related locations visited by the process server are Miscavige’s residence nor his usual place of business.

“Substitute service is not permitted,” Miscavige’s attorneys state in their court papers. “Neither of these locations is a proper place to serve Mr. Miscavige. Additionally, plaintiff did not first make reasonably diligent efforts to serve Mr. Miscavige personally.”

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