“He would never do that”: David Beckham Defended Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Claimed They Never Tried to Woo Him to Join Scientology Despite Reports

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Tom Cruise’s belief system is founded upon two aspects: the enshrined greatness of Hollywood and the Church of Scientology. Somewhere in between those two, the actor finds the time, motivation, and inspiration to save and revive billion-dollar industries and make influential friends in the most elite circles. International star and legendary former soccer player, David Beckham happens to be one of the people closely tied to Cruise’s personal roster of close friends and confidantes. And he holds the Hollywood icon in the highest of regards.

David Beckham Deifies Tom Cruise, Talks About Scientology
In the years since his introduction to Hollywood, David Beckham, the former soccer legend who can pass for a career model for namedrop brands, has picked up countless high-profile friends along the way like collectibles, the latest of those being Ryan Reynolds. However, at the height of his career, Beckham crossed paths with Mission: Impossible star, Tom Cruise in 2003, and a whole new world opened up for him – one marked by a close friendship and a unique bond unseen between two people of such varied backgrounds.

While speaking about Tom Cruise though, the footballer describes his experience in the book, The Beckham Experiment, written by Grant Wahl, quite extensively. From naming his youngest son after the movie star to calling him for important life-changing advice, there is nothing that falls short of being the topic of conversation between the two celebrities, apart from one exception to the rule: Scientology.

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