God’s Misfits cult grandma Tifany Adams, accused of killing 2 Kansas moms, is ‘unhinged’ conspiracy theorist: pal

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The Oklahoma grandmother accused of masterminding a scheme to kill two women over a custody battle realting to her grandkids posted increasingly disturbing messages on her now-defunct Facebook page before the murders.

Tifany Adams is “unhinged,” acccording to Leanne Webb, who met Adams last year at a political event and became friendly with her. “She has a lot of weird beliefs, and thinks that the rest of the world is corrupt. It was all conspiracy theories and stuff that didn’t make any sense.”

In February, Adams, 54, reposted an article which claimed modern society was living in a simulation. “She posted a few times a day sometimes, but it was all stuff like that,” says Webb.

Content retrieved from: https://nypost.com/2024/04/23/us-news/gods-misfits-grandma-tifany-adams-unhinged-pal/.

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