What is ‘CULT voice’? Former Mormon reveals fascinating way her speaking tone completely changed while she was living inside ultra-religious sect – admitting she sounds ‘unrecognizable’ since fleeing the community

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A former Mormon has shared insights into how her voice has changed since leaving the ultra religious sect in her late 20s.

Alyssa Grenfell, 31, grew up within the confines of an ultra-strict household but escaped the uptight lifestyle, and began to focus on reclaiming her body after leaving the Mormon church with her husband in 2017.

In a recent clip posted to her popular YouTube channel, Alyssa rewatched an interview from when she was was still entrenched in the religion and had just come back from a missionary in Colorado – admitting she barely recognized herself.

She was viewing a clip of herself recording her testimony to God after her mission ended, which is meant to inspire younger people to also go on their own.

The missions, which last from six to 24 months, are voluntary, and involve church and community service, and humanitarian aid.

‘This is the most Mormon version of me, and I feel honestly like I don’t recognize that girl,’ Alyssa, who now lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children, admitted.

She addressed the fact that her voice sounded very different to what it does now, noting it was higher and softer.

‘You probably already heard it in the clips I’ve put in so far, that my voice is different,’ she shared. ‘I have a different cadence I have a lot more pauses, I speak a little more slowly and the tone is higher.’

‘Some people call this the “baby fundy” voice – the baby fundamentalism voice,’ she shared.

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