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It wasn’t long ago that Ashland’s newest enlightened guru Shekinah Mah was a b-list movie actor living in southern California. One of her credits is “Sexy Chick Amber” in an episode of the series The Glades. Another is “Party Girl” in the film Burn Notice. She didn’t wear white robes or speak in a British accent at the time. She wasn’t selling $3,333 holy necklaces or charging $8,888 for retreats. Her name wasn’t Shekinah Mah. It was Mia Terez Deuschle.

In 2010 Terez claims she nearly died from a rare strain of meningitis and was “resurrected” by a long-haired, bearded being who came through a portal and shot light into her body. Christ consciousness then returned to the planet through her and she became Mother God.

“There was this light that opens up and there was this being in a flowing white robe coming through the portal,” her co-leader of TwinRay Sanandaji says in a video. “He had a big beard and long hair. He hovered above her bed and shot this light out of his hand. In that moment her body actually recovered. Her body started to come out of the death state.”

Terez claims to have been in a coma for “six days and six nights” after suffering from the “deadliest” and most rare form of meningitis. “All of the doctors called her a ‘miracle child’ because they’ve never seen that turnaround,” Sanandaji says. All of her organs had “completely given up” and she was in a “death state” he claims before her miraculous healing.

“I woke up on 10/10/10,” Terez says in a video. “That was a very important day for the entirety of the planet. It was a day when the Christ consciousness came back on the planet.” She was 33 yrs old at the time, the same age that Jesus died. “Thirty-three is actually the initial frequency of the Christ consciousness,” she says.

The flailing actress Mia Terez was gone. Shekinah Mah, a goddess with a British accent, was born. “The original inhabitant of the soul left,” she claims. “She’s completely different, night and day,” Sanandaji says.

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