‘Cult religion and illegal marketing’: HYBE’s old skeletons dug up in feud

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he HYBE-ADOR feud took a strange turn over the weekend when Korean online users dug up old dirt on the BTS agency involving its alleged connections to a religious cult and an instance of the company being blackmailed for chart rigging practices back in 2017.

Multiple posts were uploaded on various online communities over the weekend demonstrating HYBE’s alleged involvement in a “brain training and meditation company” that people suspect to be a religious cult named Dhan World — or Dhan Yoga.

Content retrieved from: https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/2024-04-29/national/socialAffairs/Cult-religion-and-illegal-marketing-HYBEs-old-skeletons-dug-up-in-feud/2035833.

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