My daughter has joined a cult. I have no idea how to get her out

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Maria (not her real name) was pleased when her 24-year-old daughter started Bible study classes, but two-and-a-half years later, she worries she’s joined a cult.”Suddenly she started to become very secretive,” Maria told Insight. “She arrives [home] at around 3am and leaves again around 5am.

“My daughter changed her behaviour a lot. She even dropped her studies and her job.

“She dropped all her dreams.”

Maria and her family are Christian, but she believes this group to be a cult rather than a religious group.

“Religion is something you share. Something that improves families, that improves character.”

She said this group doesn’t follow Jesus or God, but instead a leader in South Korea, and encourages members to lie to their friends and family.

Maria found notes her daughter had taken in Bible study classes warning that members’ parents are controlled by evil forces.

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