Cult leader arrested for allegedly trying to control followers with homemade mercury-laced elixirs

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A cult leader leader who called himself by the name “Total Transcendence” has been arrested by Spanish police after he allegedly doped his followers with mind-numbing mercury-laced homemade elixirs.

José Manuel Cánovas, 50, was nabbed on Wednesday following a raid on his sprawling 24-acre compound — complete with clandestine laboratories — in the town of Murcia in south-east Spain, local media reported.

Cánovas, who heads the Mahasandhi Foundation, is accused of concocting the medicine, which he labeled “purified mercury”, in a bid to try and control his followers’ mind, police said.

“Using different techniques of coercive manipulation, including the administering of psychoactive substances dangerous to health, he sought to manipulate the will of his followers to gain power over them and for financial gain,” Spain’s National Police said in a statement.

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