Australian woman reveals heartbreak as ‘loving’ husband sucked into conspiracies

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A woman in Western Australia is speaking out after her “gentle, kind and loving” husband was rapidly radicalised by conspiracy theorist extremists.

The woman, who spoke with on the condition of anonymity, explained that her husband was first introduced to several common theories by a relative around five years ago. However, things “really started escalating” during the pandemic after he fell in with a group of people she described as an “anti-vaxxer cult”.

“My husband and I were happy. He’s a gentle, kind man, but very gullible and easily led,” she said. “Five years ago, he found the crazy world of conspiracies.

“Each time he would tell me something so unbelievable and he’d act as though it was the best thing since sliced bread. With my feet firmly on the ground, I’d laugh at him. But now, it’s no laughing matter.

“He gradually became worse, and when the pandemic hit, it fell straight into his lap and many other nutters formed the anti-vaxxer cult, and things really started escalating.”

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  1. The online proliferation of conspiracy theories and the networking of proponents have propelled radicalization into a new and dangerous era.

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