An Alien Prophet, UFOs, cloning babies, and anus inspections: Netflix’s new true crime doc will blow your mind

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To call Netflix’s latest documentary wild is a huge understatement. It features baby cloning and UFOs… and that’s not even the half of it.

If you were left gasping at Tiger King, baffled by true crime series Last Stop Larrimah or astonished by Gunther’s Millions, about a dog inheriting a fortune, then you will need to brace yourself for Raël: The Alien Prophet.

Let’s start in 1992 when a man named Raël was invited on a TV show to talk about the religion he had founded known as Raëlism.

Except this wasn’t any ordinary religious movement: it was a UFO group and ‘dangerous’ cult that claimed to have cloned a baby and had been accused of financial extortion and, most shockingly, advocating for child sex abuse.

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