‘He’s Able’: Inside the album recorded by the Jonestown cult

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At the end of the 1960s, the counterculture started to become more dangerous by the day. As much as artists wanted to believe in freedom of expression, the heinous acts of people like Charles Manson cast a dark shroud over how much influence one person can have over their followers. While this would culminate in one of the most horrific moments of the 1970s with The Jonestown Massacre, the infamous cult did manage to spit out a record of original material before everything went belly up.

Then again, it wasn’t out of the question for people to get indoctrinated into cults through alternate means. Even when Manson was at his worst, he was typically caught hanging around various rockstars like Dennis Wilson as well as trying to get his own musical career off the ground, very nearly succeeding with songs like ‘Look At Your Game Girl’.

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