‘American Psycho’ writer reveals childhood in notorious Lyman Family doomsday cult

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Guinevere Turner woke up Jan. 5, 1975, feeling fine.

It was the morning of the last day on Earth, the end of the world.

But all was OK. After all, Mel Lyman — lord and savior — had said a spaceship was coming to take her and everyone she cared about to Venus, where they would spend the rest of their days.

“This seemed completely plausible to my six-year-old self — exciting even,” Turner writes in her new memoir, “When The World Didn’t End” (Crown), out Tuesday and about her childhood growing up in the Lyman Family cult. “We were going to live on the planet of love!”

That day, Turner did her chores and prepared for the rapture. Each of the 20 or so children who lived in their Los Angeles commune was allowed to pick out one toy to bring on their journey.

Turner put on a party dress and wondered how her mother — living in a separate Lyman compound, in San Francisco — was doing.

After dinner, all the cult kids sat in a circle, singing and calling the spaceship for hours.

As dawn began to break, they heard the intercom buzz. Mel said the spaceships weren’t coming after all, because some of their “souls” weren’t “ready.”

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