Alex Jones begs for God to destroy the Earth ‘for the children’

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Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has a new desperate prayer to God: kill everyone.

Speaking on his Sunday show, Jones’ logic was a little convoluted, but essentially he wants the world to be blown up before anyone else can do it.

“And we, we, we also have to talk to the establishment and just say, listen, you know, you’ve lost and we’ll give you absentia, you can go and, and take some of your stolen money,” Jones rambled. “People say, don’t be a wimp, we want vengeance. No. You look at how wars get ended propertly because you just, you just, you mark them. You expose them. By mark them, I mean mark them in the media. You expose them, and then you destroy their names politically, and culturally, and, and then you let them go because they will blow stuff. They will blow the planet up if they’re cornered now.”

“Now I’m trying to give the globalists a way out,” Jones tried to explain. “The globalists are losing and might blow up the planet. But if they are going to win, then God should blow up the planet now for the sake of the children.”

Recently, Raw Story wrote about Jones claiming that Donald Trump knew of an assassination plot and that he was ready to die. Nothing has happened. Jones was also desperate to promote a conspiracy theory that President Joe Biden was killing Secret Service agents “within days” of finding the cocaine in the White House. No agents have died.

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