Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax review – the true story of a shocking lie about a satanic cult in a London suburb

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The core of the documentary lies in the interviews with four of the Hampstead mothers who decided to take matters into their own hands

You might recollect, if only vaguely, the lie at its heart. In 2014, two young children — siblings aged eight and nine — claimed their father, who was estranged from their mother, was the leader of a paedophile ring in leafy Hampstead, north London.

​And not just a common or garden paedophile ring, but a satanic one that routinely conducted obscene rituals. Its members were not only sexually abusing children, they were killing them, harvesting their organs, drinking their blood and eating their flesh.

As patently ludicrous as this was, it merited a police investigation. In interviews. which are shown here, the two children alleged the entire school community was involved: parents, teachers, local clergy, even the police. Some 175 people were implicated.

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