Hampstead Paedophile Hoax: Where evil Sabine McNeill is now after baby-eating cult claims

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The ‘UK’s worst online troll’ spread rumours of a secret paedophile ring that cooked and ate babies.

Back in 2015, an internet conspiracy theory went wild about a satanic cult at a primary school and adjoining church in Hampstead, north London. It claimed 175 teachers, parents and religious leaders had brought babies over from other countries to abuse and kill them. Rumours even alleged they cooked and ate the bodies.

Tonight, a Channel 4 documentary titled Accused: The Hampstead Paedophile Hoax tells the story of four mums, who were falsely accused of being part of the ring at their children’s school, and how it impacted their families. Sabine McNeill, 78, is an ex-computer scientist who led the campaign and ruined the lives of local parents and their kids.

The horrifying ordeal began in 2015 when two children, aged eight and nine, were forced to make shocking accusations on camera about bloody rituals they claimed were happening in the area. One of the children alleged: “We do sex with the baby, sacrifice and eat the baby, and drink the blood from it… we dance with the skulls.”

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