A Day in the Life: A Conspiracy Theory Researcher

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A lecturer at the University of Waterloo and a post-doctoral fellow at Queen’s University in Kingston, she studies religion and social theory. Her primary focus rests on conspiracy theories, the Christian belief that the world is coming to an end — and where these two things overlap.

“From that, I’ve branched out into a lot of social media work, looking at disinformation, extremism, hate, mass shootings, all of the things you wouldn’t talk about at the dinner table,” Celestini says.

Thankfully, The Tyee’s dinner table is populated with folks who’d rather have politically engaged conversations. So we caught up with Celestini this fall to ask her about how she does her work, and what we need to know about how conspiracy theories and far-right ideologies are affecting our political, social and cultural spheres. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Content retrieved from: https://thetyee.ca/Culture/2024/01/02/Day-In-Life-Conspiracy-Theory-Researcher/.

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