JW Elders Pressure Non-Believers to Conform

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My name is Robert Weslowski Jr. (Bob), and I am from Tucson, Arizona. Back in 1996, my father, Robert, who was 72 years old, entered a local hospital via the emergency room complaining of severe stomach pains. This was not unusual for him as he suffered from severe ulcers for most of his adult life. In spite of his ulcers, my father was otherwise in good health and very active. At the time that my father was admitted to the hospital, he had been living alone as my mother had died the year before. He was a person who liked his privacy and stayed home most of the time.

My mother had been an active Jehovah’s Witness and both my wife and I were Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) – my wife for over fifty years and myself for twenty-five years. My father was not a Jehovah’s Witness. But, because he had been married to my JW mom for so long, the teachings of the Witnesses had absorbed into his thinking over the years. For a time he studied with a local JW brother who would come to the house. The Bible studies never materialized into baptism. My father didn’t attend meetings but he never objected to his wife going.

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At the hospital, my father was admitted and, after diagnosis, it was determined that his ulcers were indeed the issue. In fact, they were bleeding severely. After several more tests and consultations by various doctors, it was decided that he needed an immediate blood transfusion and probably surgery to remove the bleeding ulcers. The alternative was that he could bleed to death.

The medical staff moved Dad to the Intensive Care Unit to monitor him closely as his condition began to fail. In particular, his blood levels were dropping rapidly. My dad was very weak and barely conscious at this time. The doctor consulted with me and told me that my father needed blood quickly and corrective surgery to stop the bleeding. Dad’s blood levels were so low he could not go into surgery without a transfusion as he most certainly would die.

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