Mother-Daughter Suicide in Thailand: The Dark Role of a Cult?

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In a quiet corner of Rayong, Thailand, a chilling scene unfolded on January 2nd. A well-known veterinarian, Nongluck Muangkhiao, and her 12-year-old daughter, Nichapha Leelart, were found lifeless in their home. The stark reality of their demise was discovered by Thaweesak Boonthawee, an employee of the vet clinic operated by Nongluck. Concerned after her absence at work, Thaweesak decided to visit her home, only to be confronted with an eerie silence, broken by the sight of the mother and daughter lying side by side on a bed, a poignant image of a tragic end.

The scene was further marred by the sight of two pet birds, also lifeless, and a bottle of cyanide, a bowl with cyanide stains, and 100,000 baht in cash. A note was discovered alongside the bodies, expressing a desire for cremation without a funeral ceremony. The note also held a cryptic message, a hope that their deaths would somehow bring about a transcendental freedom to the universe. The police, who were soon on the scene, confirmed that the cause of death was cyanide ingestion. There were no signs of theft or any struggle in the home, leading the investigators to believe that this was a case of double suicide.

Unveiling a deeper layer to this tragic incident, Nongluck’s estranged husband revealed to the authorities that his wife had been battling depression for three years, following her mother’s severe illness. A cloud of uncertainty hung over Nongluck’s mental state, exacerbated by her recent involvement with a cult. This cult, as he described, advocated for its followers to relinquish all their wealth in pursuit of heavenly access. The husband pointed towards the cult’s peculiar rituals and beliefs as potential catalysts that might have led Nongluck down the dark path of suicide, taking her young daughter along with her.

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