17 Surprising Celebrities That Were In or Linked to a Cult

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One word that’ll instantly get a reaction out of anyone, no matter the context, is the word “Cult.” It’s a loaded word, with an intense meaning and history behind it. Per the New Yorker, a cult is simply defined as a small group run by a self-appointed leader who controls its members in rather disturbing ways. These ways can range from taking drugs to drastic forms of showing devotion to the cult. For centuries, people have created and been a part of cults — including some of your favorite celebrities.

There are a lot more cults than people want to acknowledge, with people thinking there are only a few out there, like the Manson family or NXIVM. But the truth is, there are many that are still heavily active to this day.

Quite a few celebrities have opened up about their experiences with these groups, with some explaining how they had to run away in the night to escape the cult and how others were in them until they were in their 20s. Along with that, there have been plenty of celebrities merely linked to cults (including one who spent a lot of time with Charles Manson).

From Bachelor Nation alums to one Kardashian member, it seems cults and Hollywood go together more than people may have originally thought. So whether they were born into these cults or were linked to past members, we have it all here.

Check out which celebrities have been in or been linked to cults over the years.

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