Witness the Tragic Rise and Fall of a Cult in ‘One Day in Jonestown’ Trailer

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From the outside looking in, we oftentimes wonder, “How do people find themselves involved in a cult?” Whether it’s the teachings of Marshall Applewhite in Heaven’s Gate or Charles Manson’s wild ramblings to the Family, there has to be something that hooks followers and doesn’t let them go. For many, it starts as a place of belonging, and, by the time the wheels fall off, they don’t even realize it. Such can certainly be said for those followers of Jim Jones who, when founding The People’s Temple, was actually trying — and succeeding — to make things happen for the greater good. But, absolute power always corrupts, and by the gruesome end, the church had turned into a cult and carried out one of the most publicized mass deaths of all time.’

Now, National Geographic and Hulu will bring audiences a three-part series titled Cult Massacre: One Day In Jonestown, investigating the years leading up to that fateful day, covering the events that took place down to the moment the people of Jonestown drank the poisoned Flavor Aid (yes, that’s right, the Kool-Aid saying is wrong). In a trailer released today, audiences can listen to the first-hand accounts of ex-followers who survived that horrific day and even from Jones’ son, Stephan Jones, in his first documentary appearance.

Most people who know what Jones looks like will associate the minister-turned-cult-leader with bloodshot eyes hidden by sunglasses, but the trailer shows the man without sunglasses who started The People’s Temple as a way to aid underserved communities. Giving the power back to those who were eventually brainwashed into a cult mentality, the teaser helps answer the question of how one gets caught up and essentially trapped with such a group. Joining in the interviews is also David Netterville, one of the first U.S. military officials to enter Jonestown following the mass deaths who recounts what he saw from the sky, as well as Jackie Speier, former member of Congress and aide to U.S. Representative Leo Ryan, the latter of whom was assassinated by Jones’ followers on that fateful day.

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