Wild TikTok theory claims there are secret codes on TOOTHPASTE tubes that only ‘elites’ know about – but dentists reveal what colored squares REALLY mean

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A movement is emerging online to shun store-bought toothpaste over a conspiracy theory that small colored markings on the end of tubes signify whether the product was made with natural or chemical ingredients.

The markings in question are small squares on the rigid strip of flat plastic at the bottom of the tube, and TikTok users warn people against toothpaste with red or black marks and encourage them to choose toothpastes with green or blue marks instead.

The unfounded claim is that only ‘elites’ know that green marks mean the toothpaste is made from only natural ingredients, blue marks mean the paste contains a mix of natural ingredients and medication, red marks mean it contains both natural ingredients and chemical ingredients, and black marks mean it contains only chemical ingredients.

Dentists and toothpaste manufacturers insist this theory is false. In reality, the markings tell light sensors at toothpaste factories where the end of the tube is so that it can be cut and sealed properly.

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