13 Celebs Who “Escaped” Scientology, And 14 Who Love And Defend It

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The Riverdale star said in the Q&A on her old website that she was introduced to Scientology in the 1990s by her chiropractor, who took her on a tour at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. Since then, Nichols has repeatedly praised and defended Scientology, crediting it for her career success and getting through trauma and drug problems after she was sexually assaulted as a child. “Honestly, Scientology is what saved my freaking ass,” she told Marie Claire. “I’d probably be dead.”

Several years ago, Nichols teamed with investigators in a sting operation to uncover child sex trafficking in the US. When asked about the allegations that the Church of Scientology was involved in human trafficking itself, Nichols again defended the organization. “You don’t have any idea what you are talking about,” she told Marie Claire in 2020, about people who attacked her over the trafficking and child abuse allegations against the church. “Where’s the police charges? Where’s the evidence?” The latest allegations were brought in a civil suit against David Miscavige, from former members who claim they were trafficked into the organization as children and forced to work for “little to no pay.” A spokesperson for the Church of Scientology called the allegations “false and scurrilous.” In 2023, a federal judge ruled that the suit must be arbitrated within the Church of Scientology.

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