Why None of Kody Brown’s Children Want To Be a Polygamist

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Kody Brown is the bane of Sister Wives existence due to his seemingly narcissistic ways. During Season 1, the patriarch bragged about how great it was to be a practicing polygamist, but his children never seemed enamored by the practice. None of the Brown children have chosen to live in a plural marriage, and I think that is pretty telling. The principle that Kody, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and Christine Brown have centered their entire lives around has been rejected by the children that were raised within it.

Over the years, Kody has expressed a desire for the children to choose plural marriage. The father of 18 has also expressed some regret in moving all of his children away from their community when fleeing Lehi, Utah. But as TLC viewers saw, none of Kody’s unions were healthy. He also alluded to perhaps this is the reason why his children are not following his faith. Kody blames living in Las Vegas but forgets it was his choice to move the family to Sin City.

Kody loved having power over the women, as he often showed by not allowing them to have a say in their lives. When it came to major moves, he was the last and deciding vote- so even if the wives were against something like the move to Arizona, it didn’t matter because Kody always made the final call. The wives also didn’t have their finances until later in life. But perhaps the worst thing the children had to watch growing up was how badly Kody manipulated their feelings. Why would anyone want to juggle multiple spouses after watching Kody fail so miserably?

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