Who is Leslie Van Houten’s ex-husband William Syvin?

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Followers of the notorious case want to know more about the convicted murderer’s ex-husband.

The pair tied the knot while in jail on August 23, 1982, but ended their marriage only two months later on October 26, 1982.

The reason behind their divorce is still unclear.

Convicted murderer and former “follower” of Manson’s cult family, Leslie Van Houten, is known by various aliases such as Louella Alexandria, Leslie Marie Sankston, Linda Sue Owens, and Lulu.

In 1969, during her time in San Francisco, she met Catherine Share and Bobby Beausoleil, an aspiring musician. All three moved to southern California in 1969 and linked up with a 35-year-old musician named Charles Manson.

Van Houten, who was 19 at the time, became entranced with Manson and completely cut off communication with her family.

She, along with others, became part of the Manson Family and reportedly lived at the Spahn Ranch in the California desert.

That same year, Van Houten was jailed for helping Manson and other followers kill Leno LaBianca, a grocer in Los Angeles, and his wife, Rosemary.

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