What happens when one church controls a majority of the City Council?

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In Redding, Calif., members of a single evangelical megachurch now control a majority of seats on the City Council.

While this is a highly unusual situation for a city of nearly 100,000 people, Bethel Church is a highly unusual congregation as well.

The Pentecostal church may be best known nationwide for its “volunteer worship leader” Sean Feucht, who is an outspoken political conservative and led “worship rallies” nationwide during the COVID-19 pandemic despite public health warnings and restrictions.

The 10,000-member church is well-known for its elaborate healing services that draw thousands of visitors each year and for its teaching of Seven Mountains Dominionism, an extreme form of Christian nationalism that seeks to take control of politics and culture.

Content retrieved from: https://baptistnews.com/article/what-happens-when-one-church-controls-a-majority-of-the-city-council/.

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