‘We Knew’: Behind the ‘Dances With Wolves’ Star’s Sickening Sex Cult Arrest

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For years, members of the Native American community say they were deeply suspicious of Nathan Chasing Horse.

“It was, ‘Make sure you never leave a young woman alone with this person,’” Frances Danger, who is Muskogee and Seminole, told The Daily Beast. “It was never an exact allegation of specific things, but we knew. We knew.”

Chasing Horse, who gained a modicum of fame as the character Smiles a Lot in the 1990 Kevin Costner blockbuster Dances with Wolves, now stands accused of running a cult through which he raped and trafficked multiple women and girls for two decades. Lingering fears about the former movie star’s behavior appeared to have been validated Tuesday, when police announced they had arrested Chasing Horse, 46, at his home in North Las Vegas.

On Thursday, he appeared in court. Prosecutors said they expect to charge Chasing Horse with sex trafficking, sexual assault, and child abuse, among other possible counts. Chasing Horse was ordered held without bail through at least his next court date on Monday. Michael Wilfong, Chasing Horse’s court-appointed lawyer, said during the hearing that his client had a “great deal of support” among his family.

Content retrieved from: https://news.yahoo.com/knew-behind-dances-wolves-star-152253039.html.

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  1. So often, time goes by and nothing meaningful is done about a destructive cult or leader that is hurting people. But reporting and/or responding early to such abuse can save lives.

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