‘We came together to take care of our own’: Kamsack residents force ‘QAnon Queen’ out of town

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Residents in the Kamsack area worked together to drive out supporters of a fringe QAnon group after a convoy associated with the self proclaimed “Queen of Canada” arrived on the town’s main street.

The cavalcade made up of eight vehicles showed up in Kamsack early Wednesday morning.

The community’s acting administrator, Sherise Fountain, went out to investigate the visitors.

“It was very alarming. It really, really was very alarming and worrisome because when they’re claiming to be taking over the town,” she told CTV News.

The motorhome at the front of the procession carried a woman claiming to be the Queen of Canada and leader of First Nations

Content retrieved from: https://regina.ctvnews.ca/we-came-together-to-take-care-of-our-own-kamsack-residents-force-qanon-queen-out-of-town-1.6565359.

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