Was wellness company OneTaste a sex cult?

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(NewsNation) — Ellen Huet, the first journalist to break the news about allegations that OneTaste was an abusive organization, discussed differences between NXIVM and OneTaste followers during a Monday appearance on NewsNation’s “Banfield.”

NXIVM was a sex cult run by Keith Raniere. Purported as a self-help, multilevel marketing company, the group had hundreds of members at its height, including celebrities and the wealthy.

“There’s some similarities, but there’s some key differences,” Huet said on “Banfield. “OneTaste was founded and run by women. … This was very much almost a matriarchal-type company and organization. And it was focused on female sexuality.”

Raniere “offered leadership and executive training courses. And then secretly, behind the scenes, of course, had like a secret society that had sexual associations with it,” Huet added. “At OneTaste, sex was what they were selling. This was a sexual wellness education company. They taught courses on orgasmic meditation.”

Nicole Daedone, who founded OneTaste, turned herself in last week and pleaded not guilty to a charge of manipulating traumatized people into debt, undesired sex and underpaid work.

She was released Tuesday on $1 million bond, secured by her mother, her mother’s partner and a OneTaste ally.

Content retrieved from: https://www.newsnationnow.com/banfield/was-wellness-company-onetaste-a-sex-cult/.

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