Was 2022 the “year of the gaslighter” with respect to COVID-19?

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“Gaslighting” is a term that refers to the manipulation of someone in order to lead them to question their own reality and even sanity. Last month, a COVID-19 minimizer and antivaxxer, C. J. Hopkins, declared 2022 the “year of the gaslighter,” revealing yet again that it’s always projection with science denying propagandists. Unfortunately, 2023 looks to hold a lot more of the same in store.

So the planet has made yet another circuit around the sun, and the old year has slunk away, to be replaced by the new year of 2023. Traditionally, the end of an old year and the start of a new one have been been the time when people reflect a bit on what occurred during the previous 12 months and considered what could happen during the next, and we at SBM tend to be no different in that respect. Last year at this time, my last post of the year was entitled As 2021 shambles to a close, the misuse of VAERS by antivaxxers continues apace, to be followed two weeks later—I took the Christmas holiday off—by a more general post, Everything old is new again. The depressing thing that I just realized is that I could very easily have simply repurposed both old posts, changing the years and updating some of the examples used, and they would have been perfectly appropriate for this new year too. In fact, as depressing as it sounds, I could just revise and update Everything old is new again every year if I wanted to, and it would remain just as relevant, likely for however long I have left on this earth and long beyond, assuming that someone took up the banner and kept updating it after my demise. But where’s the fun in that? Or the education? Or at least some minor bit of novelty?


Content retrieved from: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/was-2022-the-year-of-the-gaslighter-with-respect-to-covid-19/.

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  1. Gaslighting fits within the framework of Robert Jay Lifton’s list of eight criteria used to identify thought reform, more commonly called “brainwashing.” Specifically, he calls this “mystical manipulation.” Something seems to happen spontaneously, but is actually contrived to in an effort to gain influence through emotional and psychological manipulation.

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