U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s Connection To Alleged Chinese Cult Surfaces Amid Million-Dollar Laundering Scheme

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To many, Shen Yun is known for the performance advertisements that seem to be in every major city, promising an unforgettable night of traditional Chinese dance and music performances.

However, in recent years, the performances have been criticized for the unexpected political messages found in the lyrics and visuals of the show. This is likely linked to Falun Gong, the new religious movement that operates Shen Yun.

The religious organization is known for its “ultra-conservative” beliefs, including opposing homosexuality, vaccines, and feminism. Falun Gong is led by Li Hongzhi, regarded as a deity-like figure by followers.

The organization has been banned in China, where it was referred to as a “heretical cult.” Li Hongzhi resides in a compound in Deer Park, New York with hundreds of followers.

Shen Yun also rehearses on this property, which contains temples and schools.

The seclusion from society, exaltation of a single individual leader, and highly controversial views have caused many to see the organization as a cult.

Many may wonder where the connection between Ted Cruz and this religious organization may come into play, and it has everything to do with the recent investigation into The Epoch Times CFO, Bill Guan.

Content retrieved from: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/shen-yun-falun-gong-epoch-times-ted-cruz-sponsor-laundering-scheme/.

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