Shakahola cult: Human rights bodies concerned with uncollected bodies in Malindi morgue

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Human Rights defenders are concerned over more additional bodies of Shakahola victims at the Malindi sub-county hospital mortuary amid the 5th phase of the exhumation exercise.

Over 430 bodies still lie at the mortuary.

Human rights activists from the coastal region have expressed their concern about the number of bodies that continue to be kept at the Malindi sub-county hospital mortuary.

This comes amid the fifth phase of exhumation, where 17 more bodies have been retrieved from Shakahola forest.

The number of bodies at the facility is now at 446. Only 8 bodies were given to the families after the DNA samples identified the family members of the victims.

At the moment, the activists led by Mathias Shipeta of Haki Afrika said that the residents fear for their health due to the large number of bodies given that storage places are scarce.

In addition, Victor Kaudo, an advocate of human rights, has asked the government to stop the exhumation and instead update the results of DNA samples of more than 600 people that were taken more than a year ago. Only 30 results were released.

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