TikToker Melanie Wilking Reacts After Sister Miranda Derrick Calls Out Netflix’s Cult Docuseries

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Melanie Wilking is telling her side of the story.

After her sister Miranda Derrick shared a statement regarding her involvement in 7M Films—a management company that’s the subject of the Netflix docuseries Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult—alleging the story was one-sided and that her family was never supportive of her religious journey, Melanie is firing back.

“They were reached out to many times,” Melanie told Access Hollywood of Miranda and her husband James Derrick‘s claim they weren’t included in the doc. “And declined every time.”

And on whether Melanie and her family weren’t supportive of Miranda’s dedicating her life to God beginning in 2020, the 25-year-old added, “At that point we knew she was in a cult, so of course we are going to have our guard up.”

Melanie also explained that after attending some events with the organization, she was able to see things about 7M she felt Miranda overlooked.

“I went to two of their private dinners and two of the services that you have to be invited to, and I picked up on all these red flags,” she explained. “So when she’s saying that we weren’t supportive, it was because I was seeing what she wasn’t seeing. I was seeing that they wanted to, because I wasn’t going anymore, they wanted to rip us apart. And sure enough look where we are.”

The dancer was also sure to point out that her family’s objections hinged on Miranda’s involvement with pastor Robert Shinn, who ran 7M Films Shekinah Church and is currently in civil litigation with several former members of the organization.

In 2022, Shinn filed a defamation lawsuit against a former church member, who denied the allegations. She countersued him in march 2023, along with several other former church members named as plaintiffs, and alleged in the filing that “Shekinah is a cult operating under the disguise of a religious institution,” Rolling Stone reported. Shinn has denied the allegations in court papers obtained by NBC News. No charges have been filed and the case is ongoing.

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