Thousands of Alex Jones’ Texts Are Now Public, and Yep, He’s the Worst

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In the wake of Alex Jones’ lawyer accidentally sending the full contents of his phone to a lawyer for Sandy Hook families suing Jones last summer, the Southern Poverty Law Center has published thousands of his text communications in a new report on Wednesday. You probably wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that texts sent by the conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder between 2019 and 2020 suggest he is not a great person: While paying a private investigator to stalk and track his wife in 2019—specifically to try to prove that she was cheating on him—Jones was simultaneously cheating on her.

As has previously been reported by Rolling Stone, at around the time these texts were sent, Jones oversaw an elaborate “spy ring” to surveil his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, and current wife Erika Wulff Jones. Jones went so far as to keep a GPS tracker on Erika’s car and required hourly updates on her location from Tim Enlow—a former cop and Blackwater spy—whom he’d hired to follow her.

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  1. Sine money apparently is the key motivating factor for Alex Jones, bankruptcy and being broke may be the best punishment for this promoter of misinformation, who seems to have knowingly lied to his followers.

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