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Ryūhō Ōkawa, leader of the Japanese Happy Science religion, was the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Elohim and…Yoda. He died earlier this year, leaving behind a complex legacy. From Wall-Street trader to founder of the controversial religion, Okawa was a savvy businessman who is said to have used this know-how to create a money-making machine disguised as spirituality. While Happy Science boasts over 12 million followers worldwide,the real number is likely much lower. Perhaps that’s because members had to give donations of up to $400 at a time for ‘blessings’. The cult is known for bizarre anime, a political party calling for the remilitarization of Japan and celebrity seances with figures like Margaret Thatcher. In 2020, the cult minimized the dangers of COVID and said it was caused by UFOs. But what will the cult do now without its supreme leader? Host Yasna Vismale Producer Stephanie Tangkilisan Editor-In-Chief Keshia Hannam Researcher Manal Ahmed Director of Photography Boya Sun Editor Evander Arther Animator Fajar Alkan Graphic Design Samuel Kang Fitra Pratama Annie Zhao Additional Archival Material Ryuho Okawa Wikimedia Britannica Observer Happy Science Los Angeles Temple DW News Getty Images Youtube/Nhuck Theduck Happy Science Nat Geo Awareness Space ExpressNews Vietnam Happy Science Official Twitter/@mrjeffu Real Estate Tokyo Youtube/FCCJ Channel

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