‘The Truth’ 2×2 religious sect confirms police investigation

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Former members of a secretive sect under investigation by the FBI for historical child sexual abuse warn it is a highly controlling and insular group with many unwritten rules.

The religious group has about 2500 members and 60 ministers in New Zealand, meets in homes and has no official name but is commonly known as Two by Twos or The Truth.

Its spokesperson has confirmed police here are investigating at least one former minister for historical abuse and it is aware of 14 cases of allegations against members.

The sect is not registered as a charity, it has no buildings and members are encouraged to tick ‘Christian non-denominational’ on the census.

Elliot* recently left the church because of the way historical child abuse allegations were handled.

“In your article was more information than we’d ever been given as a church. I was concerned about the lack of accountability.

“There hasn’t been a public spoken apology to the church from the workers, the ministers, to say these things have been handled really incorrectly in the past that has caused harm and we’re sorry for the harm it’s caused.”

Elliot joined as a teenager and said the rules are subtle – you’re not saved if you don’t attend the sect’s meetings in homes and hired halls, marrying an outsider is frowned upon, females have a dress code, TVs are not allowed and using the internet is actively discouraged.”

Sarah* grew up in the sect, her parents were born into it too, but she left the church when she moved cities to attend university.

Content retrieved from: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/515215/the-truth-2×2-religious-sect-confirms-police-investigation.

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