Natalia Guerra: What Happened to Antares de la Luz Cult Member?

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In Netflix’s ‘The Doomsday Cult of Antares de la Luz,’ numerous former members of the religious sect led by Antares de la Luz in Chile share their experiences. Court recordings of their testimonies have been utilized to construct a comprehensive timeline of the events surrounding the sect. Natalia Guerra stands out among these individuals due to her close relationship with the leader and her pivotal role in the investigation. She was the first to communicate with the police as they began to probe the crime. However, Natalia’s role and level of complicity remain subjects of debate, underscoring the complexity of her involvement, which warrants further exploration to gain a deeper understanding.

Natalia Guerra had been dating Pablo Undurraga for about a year, but they split ways and reconnected after three months. During their time apart, Pablo began attending meditative sessions led by Antares de la Luz, renowned for his profound spirituality and knowledge of various folk religions. Upon joining the group, Natalia found herself increasingly adhering to the stringent rules imposed by the leader, which grew progressively more controlling with each passing day.

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