The Shocking Story Of Tony Alamo, The Hollywood Street Preacher Who Became A Millionaire Cult Leader

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Of all the cult leaders throughout American history, Tony Alamo was perhaps one of the most baffling. Born to a Jewish family in Missouri in 1934, Alamo moved to Hollywood as a teen to work in the entertainment industry. Before long, however, he’d become an evangelical street preacher who prophesied about the second coming of Christ.

He married Susan Alamo in 1966, and the couple amassed a group of followers who called themselves “Jesus Freaks.” In 1969, they founded the Alamo Christian Foundation, a cult that championed communal living, frugality, and total obedience — all while Tony Alamo made millions of dollars by exploiting members.

In the 1990s, Alamo’s empire came crashing down when he was imprisoned for tax fraud. And soon after his release, he was implicated in a far more sinister crime: child sexual abuse.

This is the shocking story of Tony Alamo, the conniving cult leader who brainwashed thousands — and finally faced justice.

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