The DVD “In the Name of Love: Abusive Controlling relationships is now available for free at YouTube

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The Cult Education Institute DVD “In the Name of Love: Abusive Controlling Relationships” is now available free on YouTube.

This DVD examines what can be seen as cultic relationships. When a romantic relationship becomes a cult with one partner as the controlling abuser and the other as the victim. The only difference between a cult and such a relationship is that this type of cult only includes two people, one the cult leader and the other as the only followers.

This type of abusive controlling relationship is examined by from the perspective of cult expert Rick Alan Ross.

One third of American women report that at some time in their lives they were involved in abusive controlling and often violent relationships. Entertainer Tina Turner and Nicole Brown Simpson were just two well-known examples. Why don’t the victims of abusive partners leave? What draws them into and holds them much like prisoners within destructive and potentially unsafe relationships? Have they been “brainwashed” like cult members?

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  1. The parallels between cult involvement and cult behavior and an abusive controlling relationship are certainly evident and help to explain the dynamics of such relationships.

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