Thai cult leader claims to cure all illnesses with pot ritual (video)

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A cult leader in the Isaan province of Buriram claims he can cure all illnesses by placing an aluminium cooking pot over patients’ heads. Despite the seemingly absurd nature of the treatment, both Thai and foreign followers have shared testimonials of successful outcomes on social media.

The cult‘s Facebook page features videos of the Thai man, known as Ajarn Pu Trai, performing the pot treatment on his followers. In each video, the followers are interviewed afterwards and claim that the treatment improved their illnesses or even cured long-suffering conditions.

The videos show Ajarn Pu Trai covering followers’ heads with the pot, reciting an incantation, lightly tapping or blowing the bottom of the pot, and then removing it.

One woman claimed that the ritual cured her vision problems, insomnia, and food allergies. Another Thai woman said it cured her hemorrhoids, chronic cough, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

A relative of a bedridden old man claimed he was able to sit and walk after the ritual, even though he had been bedridden for over four months.

A Taiwanese man who could speak Thai claimed that he had to wear glasses when reading but the pot ritual allowed him to see clearer. He said his glasses were even broken after the treatment.

A Thai woman tearfully shared the news that her Hungarian husband recovered from muscle weakness and was able to walk again after the ritual.

Besides curing illnesses, many followers also claimed their businesses became successful after praying to Ajarn Pu Trai and his amulets.

Channel 3 reported that Ajarn Pu Trai’s premises are located in the Prakhon Chai district of Buriram. Reporters attempted to interview him but he refused, saying he was not ready and had to prepare treatments for his followers.

Samniang, a 55 year old Thai woman who lived near the cult’s premises, told the media that the cult was founded two years ago but gained popularity last year. She and other locals have never received treatment from Ajarn Pu Trai, adding that his followers are mostly from other provinces.

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