Terrifying Doomsday cult where children are ‘forced to marry men twice their age’

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On a remote Island in the Philippines, high up in the mountains and away from society, lies a hidden Doomsday cult with over a 1,000 children, who many are believed have been forced into marriage.

The cult, known as Socorro Bayaniham services (SBSI) is run by leader Jey Rence B Quilario, who believes he is Jesus reincarnated and has been reported that he is referred to as ‘The Messiah.’ His followers call themselves “soldiers of God.” The organisation has at least 3,500 members, including 1,580 children and in the recent weeks it is believed that at least eight children have managed to escape from the community.

The cult has the caught the attention of the Filipiano governent, with some condemning the organisation. Senator Risa Hontiveros, 57, chairman of the Senate committee on women and children, is one of members whose raised concerns. According to Hontivero, the organisation started to get off its feet following a series of earthquakes, which hit Surigao del Norte, in the Philippines as early as 2019. Quilario used this opportunity to lure people to join his group and be “saved” from the end of the world.

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